The Fusion of Music & Community

Your Music Collection Just Got Hype.

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Everything In One Place

HypeTunes Combines Spotify + SoundCloud + Apple Music + Your Homies into one app!

Share dope music,
Instagram Style!

Artists: Boost SoundCloud & Spotify plays!

No more texting and emailing links to share music. With HypeTunes, your friends and your music are in one place.

Fresh, New Music. Daily.

Scroll through and listen to music
your homies have shared.
Your selection will always be fresh!

The Best of Both Worlds!

Discover, share and stream music
from Spotify AND SoundCloud!
(Even if you don't have an account!)

  • Want to make public playlists for you and your friends?HypeTunes Does That.
  • Radio Top40 AND the local homie's music too?!?!HypeTunes has them both.
  • It's Time to GET HYPE!!Download HypeTunes.